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'I Have the Most Terrible Thing to Tell You. They Killed Laura'There's a good chance you heard Peter DeMarco's story. Or, at least, the first version of it. The Massachusetts man received national press after a heartfelt thank-you he wrote to the employees of CHA Cambridge Hospital was published in the New York Times . In it, he extolled the kindness of...
Newser11 hours ago
Iraqi war victims turn to social media to find medical helpFeeling helpless and neglected, Iraqi war victims turn to social media to find free medical help, new chance at life
The Associated Press22 hours ago
This undated photo provided by the Illinois Department of Corrections shows Larry Earvin, a former inmate at Western Illinois Correctional Center in Mt Sterling, Ill. Ervian died in May from blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen following an "altercation with correctional staff," according to the death certificate from Clinton County in southern Illinois. The death has been ruled a homicide, according to an autopsy obtained by The Associated Press. (Illinois Department of Corrections via AP)
Prison inmate death after run-in with staff ruled homicideThe death of an inmate following an incident at Western Illinois Correctional Center in May has been ruled a homicide
The Associated Press23 hours ago
Explosion at Idaho hazardous waste site kills 1, injures 3Officials say an employee at a hazardous waste site in southwestern Idaho was killed after an explosion Saturday that also injured three workers and heavily damaged a building
The Associated Press1 day ago
Swimmer in Australia dies after being stung by stingrayA swimmer in Australia has died of a heart attack after he was stung by a stingray
The Associated Press1 day ago
Pharma Giant Unveils New Plan Despite Trump SlamGive it to Pfizer—they waited a while. The pharmaceutical giant is raising the price of 41 prescription drugs after hitting the pause button this summer when President Trump opposed a price hike, reports CNBC . Most prices are slated to rise 5%, while Stocks Beat says the pain drug Lyrica...
Newser1 day ago
Man's Runny Nose Was Really Far WorseTurns out Greg Phillpotts' had more than just a runny nose, ABC7 Chicago reports. The North Carolina man was plagued by runny noses—while traveling, eating, in mid-conversation—and figured he just had bad allergies, although some doctors had diagnosed bronchitis and pneumonia. Even when Thanksgiving dinner was ruined in...
Newser1 day ago
Florida sues Walgreens, CVS over opioid salesFlorida is suing the nation's two largest drugstore chains, alleging they added to the state's opioid crisis
The Associated Press1 day ago
Column: Easy to declare a winner in NHL concussion lawsuitColumn: NHL takes hard line and comes out a winner in concussion lawsuit
The Associated Press1 day ago
Breathing San Fran Air Like Smoking 11 Cigarettes: ResearchersThe smoke in some parts of California from the wildfires has been "overwhelming," and now the air in some cities there has earned a new descriptor: the world's worst. CNN reports on a sobering chart from the Berkeley Earth nonprofit , which pulls together stats from sites that measure air quality,...
Newser1 day ago
Criminal case as pollution surges in Russian riverSharp rise in pollution of Russian river sparks criminal investigation
The Associated Press1 day ago
New Mexico woman sues hospital for resuscitating herA New Mexico woman who was brought back to life is suing the hospital for violating her rights
The Associated Press2 days ago
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